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We take orders by phone with Visa or MC @ 1-800-941-0006 or 1-613-587-4829.

Mail Order

  1. Check our catalogue for the map numbers.
  2. Download our printable order form. **
  3. Mail form to:
    Fishing Maps "Plus"
    c/o Lorne Spotswood
    1737 Rapid Road
    Westmeath, ON
    K0J 2L0

Map Details

  • All maps are 11 x 17 in size (two folds).
  • Black on white (no colour) and laminated.
  • Report Includes:
    • Launch Locations
    • Services Available
    • Species Guide
    • Lake / River Locations and Access
    • Fishing Update
    • Lake / River Characteristics
    • Fish Migration
    • Seasonal Patterns
    • Tackle Box Guide
    • Hot Tips
    • Contour Lines
  • Lakes outlined in bold black with italics do not have contours (depths).
  • Due to the size and configuration of some lakes it is necessary to split them up on two or more pages since they will not fit on one 11 x 17 page. Double-page maps are listed with an asterisk (*).

** To print out an order form or view the sample map, you need Adobe Acrobat. You can download Acrobat for free.

Map Prices

Taxes and postage not included

Map Type Price

Single Page Map
Double Page Map (attached)

$21.49 $31.49

Two Part Map (unattached)
Two Parts
One Part

$31.49 $21.49

Three Part Map (unattached)
All Three Parts
Two Parts
One Part

$41.49 $31.49 $21.49

Four Part Map (unattached)
All Four Parts
Three Parts
Two Parts
One Part

$51.49 $41.49 $31.49 $21.49

Five Part Map (unattached)
All Five Parts
Four Parts
Three Parts
Two Parts
One Part

$61.49 $51.49 $41.49 $31.49 $21.49

Six Part Map (unattached)
All Six Parts
Five Parts
Four Parts
Three Parts
Two Parts
One Part

$71.49 $61.49 $51.49 $41.49 $31.49 $21.49


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