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Manitoba is where fishing memories can be big enough to last a lifetime. The province is fortunate to have an abundance of natural resources and among them, a valuable fisheries resource within its 100,000 lakes.

Manitoba is where the great northern pike unleash their fury time and time again. Where trophy walleye test your tenacity and then tantalize your taste buds. Where "Namaycush, the dweller of the deep" waits to see if you've got the fight and finesse to master a lake trout. And where the biggest bulldog brute channel catfish in the world like to take you for a while ride.

You'll find the incredible diversity of the fish matched only by the warmth of the people and places ready to greet you. Come explore Manitoba's waters. Come for the adventure and let your spirits soar.

Manitoba is a world leader in progressive fish management with strong catch-and-release and barbless hook programs. Anglers who visit know these initiatives mean the trophy fish will always be waiting. They know the unforgettable experience of a shore lunch, and a catch to take home are still a tradition. They know conservation relies on their support in using the resource with care and respect.

Over the last 30 years cameras and tape measures have become a regular part of every angler's tackle. A quick set of measurements and the click of the camera are proof enough of the battles won. The fight already carved forever in their minds. People who come to Manitoba know what they've found and want to keep it that way. So do the folks in their home province.

Manitoba offers a great selection of angling opportunities with 28 species of game fish listed in Manitoba's Master Angler Program. The most popular species are Walleye, northern pike and lake trout. Add to that list the following that are classed as Manitoba's most sought-after fish species: sauger, goldeye, mooneye, yellow perch, burbot, carp, freshwater drum, white bass, bullhead, channel catfish, small mouth bass and brook trout. The list gets longer with the addition of other species found in Manitoba waters: arctic char, arctic grayling, black crappie, brown trout, kokanee, largemouth bass, muskellunge, rainbow trout, rock bass, splake, sturgeon, tullibee and whitefish.

The province of Manitoba is divided into four management divisions: The Northeast, The North Central, The Northwest and The Southern Division.


This fly-in region offers you the best of both worlds: true frontier fishing plus some of the traditional spots that have made Manitoba famous over the years.

In the far north, the Churchill, Nelson and Seal Rivers systems cut their paths across the tundra as they flow to Hudson Bay, providing miles of angling paradise. Their footsteps: the cold, clear lakes that are home to great fishing and great lodges. This is wide-open tundra where legends of monster pike, exotic arctic grayling, massive lake trout or walleye are born.

The eastern arm of this region offers you the wilderness of the Northern Canadian Shield. Here the forests cloak the secrets of the waterways. Follow the lead of the Hayes, Gods and Knife River systems to find your choice of lake or river fishing. The east shore of Lake Winnipeg is further interrupted by the Poplar, Berens, Bloodvein and Pigeon River Systems, all flowing down to the lake, all plentiful with fish. Challenge the giant northern pike, the majestic lakers, or the pre-historic sturgeon, or test your skills with natural trophy brook trout.


It's all here. as far as the road will go, the finest drive-in angling and short-hop fly-in fishing you'll find anywhere with scenery ranging from muskeg to gentle rolling hills, to the huge sand eskers left behind by glaciers.

The Grass and Saskatchewan River systems offer you the deep, clear lakes and fast-running rivers that grow trophy northern pike, lake trout, walleye and rainbow trout. And they are easy to get to....just drive north and let the spectacular sunsets guide you to the lakes and lodges that offer a complete wilderness experience or a fun family fishing vacation.

Search out the Churchill, Burntwood and Rat River systems and introduce yourself to northern pike, arctic grayling, whitefish and rainbow trout.


What is the angling in the southern region of Manitoba like? Well, it offers some of the finest drive-to waters for giant pike and walleye plus impressive catches of perch, brook trout, arctic char, goldeye, whitefish, small mouth bass, catfish and carp.

There is so much to choose from. Camps are easily accessible and linked by one common quality; fishing at its best for families.

Start at the southeast corner of the province, and you're at the top of Lake of the Woods with its famous brand of outdoor adventure. move on to just above "The Whiteshell," where you'll be tempted to cast a line from the highway because peak fishing, lodges and resorts are all so close by. Here the Canadian Shield offers you hard-knock battles with pike, trout and bass.

If you're looking for a change, come to the "Catfish Capital of the World." Come to the big, meandering Assiniboine, Winnipeg and Red Rivers. These rivers are unlike anything you've ever seen, offering up more trophy fish, in more species, than any other waters in the province.


Manitoba's lodges, resorts, hotels and motels will answer your call for great accommodation. Choose from the rustic to the sublime with every option in between. Where you come by land or air, you will be supplied with the necessary comforts required for a great fishing vacations in Manitoba.

Clear, deep water lakes. Wild running rivers. Gentle bays shielded by wilderness. All teeming with trophy fish. Luring you with the anticipation of that next heart-stopping strike. This is your place. No distractions, no cares, only the freedom to fish as never before. Surrounded by sweeping clear-blue skies, the pristine air warmed by the golden sun. More than you imagined. This is fishing as it ought to be....

Come to Manitoba where you fishing memories will be big enough to last you a lifetime.


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Selective harvest, with a strong foundation of "Catch and Release", is the policy we advocate at FISHING MAPS "PLUS". Many anglers wish to eat some fish, and why not? They are nutritious and "umm", good tasting. If selective harvest is practiced, then the resource is renewable. The modern-day approach is to keep more numerous pan fish before less abundant larger predators, and keep smaller, more abundant fish of a species before larger, less abundant ones.

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