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Lorne Spotswood, a seasoned, knowledgeable and enthusiastic angler, has gained a wealth of information by keeping up to date with recent research, developments and techniques related to modern-day angling. His fishing began at the age of five on the Ottawa River at Spotswoods Landing. Few anglers, if any, have such a vast fishing knowledge of the Ottawa as this Canadian. As a result, he constantly provides key guidance to his guests ensuring them productive angling adventures.

Lorne is a graduate of the University of Ottawa, Bachelor of Arts (1973). His early career was in education, holding positions as teacher, vice-principal and principal in elementary schools in Renfrew County. In 1986, he left the educational field to operate the family business (Spotswoods Landing) and focus more on freelance writing and publishing.

Magazine editors in Canada and United States have discovered Lorne’s in-depth knowledge. Many of his informative articles have appeared in popular U.S. publications (IN-FISHERMAN, BASSMASTER, PETERSON’S HUNTING, WALLEYE MAGAZINE, MICHIGAN SPORTS AND RECREATION and New York State’s HOOK, LINE & SINKER. Canadian magazines (OUTDOOR CANADA, CANADIAN SPORTFISHING, ANGLER & HUNTER, ONTARIO FISHERMAN, CANADIAN ANGLER and JUST FISHING) have published many of his works. He has made guest appearances on radio and television shows in both United States and Canada. He has contributed outdoor columns to Ottawa Valley newspapers. He is a former member of Outdoor Writers of Canada and Outdoor Writers Association of America. He continues to write for various publications.

In 1996 Fishing Maps ‘Plus’ was launched to provide detailed, reliable and up-to-date fishing maps of the lakes and rivers in the Ottawa Valley. Today, over 1500 maps are published for lakes and rivers across Ontario.

In 2004, Fishing Maps “Plus” expanded with the production and publication of a regional guide for the province of Ontario titled “FISHING WATERS OF ONTARIO - OTTAWA VALLEY REGION”.

Also in 2004, Fishing Maps “Plus” introduced a series of 765 maps for the province of Saskatchewan, 200 maps for Manitoba waters and 320 maps for waters in Alberta.

In 2007, Fishing Maps “Plus” added a series of maps for the province of Quebec, published in both English and French.

Fishing Maps “Plus” is the largest publisher of fishing maps in Canada.